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Pisquare Software provides IT Solutions, Consulting and Business Process Outsourcing services catered to all major industry segments with a Pan Asia and International presence. Pisquare is a full services software and technology development company, that specializes in developing custom software applications along with comprehensive services that allow businesses of all sizes to streamline, optimize, and maximize their business processes. Our products and services span across different verticals and horizontals.

Pisquare was founded by a group of highly experienced, focused, and proficient industry experts with in-depth understanding of products, and services to architect and deliver reliable IT products, and services that translate into reduced costs, increased efficiency, improved asset utilization in terms of people, infrastructure, and improved customer service. Since 2008, Pisquare has worked very closely with an array of organizations to help them build stronger and more efficient businesses.

What we mean to our clients...

What we mean to our clinets...

Pisquare has a broad range of business and technology services that deliver real and immediate business results. We achieve this by focusing our service offering where we have extensive business experience and knowledge. We help organizations deal with change successfully while developing and operating scalable, efficient and agile solutions to create both immediate and long-term competitive advantage.

For over three years, Pisquare has focused on anticipating our customers’ business challenges and providing quality solutions to address them. We have focused on identifying critical systems that have management gaps. And, we have invested in developing and acquiring best-of-breed products to bridge those gaps.

Our Team

Our Team

At Pisquare we firmly believe that effective service delivery can only be enabled by people with industry experience. Further, people must be provided with technology that enables them to do their job regardless of location.

The Team at Pisquare offers an optimum blend of experience and enthusiasm having extensive knowledge of technology and business domains. The Core development Team is enriched with highly experienced and innovative having rich experience of working on large scale IT projects.



Pisquare offers you solutions that help you focus on your core competencies while leveraging the global market advantage. Our strong process-driven project management skills coupled with reliable and consistent deliveries help you achieve faster time to market. We possess a pool of skilled professionals that can ensure superior service customization.