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Industry - Banking

With the global economy reviving and showing positive trend, banking and financial institutions are gearing up to make the most of it. Financial services firms are in a fix to enhance their performance levels to seize the emerging growth opportunities. Achieving the desired process efficiency begins with upgrading their existing IT infrastructure and making it more effective so that the financial firms remain more adaptable and responsive to their customer needs.

How Pisquare can help banking and financial institutions?

Why PiSquare

We create exclusive IT solutions for financial services firms helping them enhance their operational efficiency, service effectiveness, offer innovative customer solutions and virtualization. Pisquare through its in-depth domain expertise can help banking and financial institutions manage risks proactively, comply with regulations accurately, offer customer-specific product features and remain adaptable to changing business needs.

Manufacturing and Construction

Industry - Manufacturing and Construction

Manufacturing has undergone a sea-change. As the competition has become unprecedented, organizations are looking for low cost, localized contract manufacturing. To remain competitive, it has become imperative for manufacturing units to have effective process mechanism that helps them manage every aspect of the process value chain right from the shop floor across the supply chain.

How Pisquare can help manufacturing and construction companies?

Why PiSquare

Pisquare has hands-on experience in working with some of the leading global manufacturers who require seamless integration of shop floor activities with enterprise information systems for efficient management of the whole process. We have helped manufacturing units achieve significant productivity by enhancing their operational efficiency by reducing lead time, achieve higher throughput and produce better quality consistently.


Industry - Retail

The retail scenario across the world is witnessing a burgeoning change. Retailers are forced to keep pace with the changing needs of the consumers and improve their transaction efficiency. Consumers today are exposed to very high levels of shopping experience and expect the best at every touch point. Having efficient IT infrastructure is the most important aspect of remaining competitive in retail business as consumers demand speed, accuracy and efficiency at every transaction in retail outlets.

How Pisquare can help retailers?

Why PiSquare

At Pisquare we have a dedicated team of experts working on creating exclusive applications that it tailor-made for retail business. Our Retail Innovation group creates need-specific IT solutions helping our retail clients deliver ‘customer-delight’.